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The revolutionary i Chancla 5C & 5S, helping to shape Mexican lives everywhere! Follow Eddie on Youtube:

That's so Mexican! (72) - Not so Mexican (9)

Dec 5, 2013 - Video - by ichancla (man)


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You know you're So Mexican when the boss doesn't provide chairs for the work crew, so you come up with your own creative ideas for break time! Momma didn't raise us to be wimps and complainers!

That's so Mexican! (253) - Not so Mexican (25)

Mar 13, 2012 - Work - by Edmundo (man)


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When you're seriously craving some 'Real Mexican Tacos,' you know you need to take a trip to Mexico. What do you think of these?

That's so Mexican! (25) - Not so Mexican (5)

Apr 9, 2015 - Video - by El Takin TJ (man)


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The principal of Hempstead’s middle school is on paid administrative leave while the district investigates whether she tried to ban students from speaking Spanish in the classroom. Do you think this is right?

That's so Mexican! (37) - Not so Mexican (6)

May 2, 2014 - Video - by No Español  (woman)


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When your GF cooks like this, schedule the wedding immediately, LOL. These are the 'real deal' Tamales commonly found in Oaxaca. Don't get it twisted, these are Mexican Tamales, you may not be familiar with this style.

That's so Mexican! (87) - Not so Mexican (15)

Aug 26, 2014 - Video - by Marry Her (man)


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There's always that one guy in the group that cracks everyone up right? Well... here he is with his Mexican Motorcycle! A+ for originality!

That's so Mexican! (75) - Not so Mexican (9)

May 27, 2014 - Video - by Chacho (man)


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For those of you that read our Mexican Grito post on Facebook saw that it brought some competitive comments from users. Because of the feedback, we're announcing an online Grito Contest for all fans to participate in! If you think you got what it takes, follow this link for the details. Submitted videos will go online and you guys will vote for your favorites!

Mexican Grito on Facebook
Grito Contest

That's so Mexican! (37) - Not so Mexican (7)

Jul 15, 2011 - Video - by So mexii (woman)


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